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Property in Marino

An architectural marvel, Marino offers a unique blend of history, modernity, and urban greenery.

Marino, a verdant suburb situated in the heart of Dublin, has long been admired for its striking blend of architectural ingenuity and meticulously planned green spaces. Initially designed in the 1920s by architect F.G. Hicks, this garden suburb has since evolved into a coveted residential area, offering an unparalleled fusion of historical charm and modern convenience.

Marino's distinctive character is rooted in its rich architectural heritage, most notably the iconic Casino at Marino. This 18th-century neoclassical building, designed by Sir William Chambers, stands as a testament to the area's illustrious past. The suburb's residential streets are adorned with a harmonious mix of charming 1920s red-brick houses and modern dwellings, reflecting the neighbourhood's ability to balance tradition with contemporary living.

The area's strategic location, just 4km from Dublin's city centre, has made it particularly appealing to professionals and families alike. Marino's excellent public transport links and close proximity to key commercial districts have further enhanced its desirability as a prime residential location. The abundance of green spaces, including the picturesque Marino Park, provides residents with ample opportunity for leisure and relaxation within their urban sanctuary.

Marino's property market has experienced steady growth in recent years, with its unique combination of historical allure and modern amenities attracting a diverse range of buyers. As a result, the area has seen significant investment in both residential and commercial developments, contributing to its burgeoning reputation as a vibrant and thriving neighbourhood.

The local economy has benefited from Marino's ongoing revitalisation, with a host of independent businesses, boutiques, cafes, and restaurants establishing themselves in the area. The suburb's burgeoning cultural scene, which includes art galleries, studios, and performance spaces, has further enriched the community's unique identity.

Central to Marino's enduring appeal is its strong sense of community, with local residents deeply invested in preserving the area's unique character and heritage. Numerous clubs, societies, and community organisations provide opportunities for social and recreational activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging among residents.

As Dublin's metropolitan landscape continues to evolve, Marino stands as a shining example of a suburb that has successfully navigated the challenges of modernisation while preserving its historical and architectural legacy. With its unique blend of green spaces, cultural attractions, and prime location, Marino has firmly established itself as a distinguished and desirable neighbourhood in the Irish capital.

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20 Philipsburgh Terrace, Marino, Dublin 3
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29 Saint Aidan’s Park, Marino, Dublin 3
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