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Property Acquisitions

Whether you don’t have the time to trawl through websites and attend numerous property viewings or are based overseas and have no idea where to look for a property, our services are there to help you find what you are searching for.

As each Client has specific requirements when it comes to purchasing a property, we listen carefully to your wish list and tailor our search to your needs.

A typical Property Acquisition will involve the following steps:

1 – Establishing your requirements

Finding the perfect home or investment for a client is a very personal thing. We will identify your key requirements in your ideal property and make certain we are clear on the points that separate a good property from your perfect one.

2 – Locating the Property

Once we have selected the target areas, we will analyse the market to identify potential properties for you. We will also speak to our network of industry contacts to ensure we also include ‘off-market’ properties.

3 – Property Viewings

Our agents will arrange and attend viewings of suitable properties on your behalf. Once we are satisfied a property meets your personal criteria, we will recommend it to you.

4 – Your Personal Property Tour

When you have shortlisted your property selection, we can arrange a date for you to view the properties consecutively to save you time.

If you are unable to attend the viewing, we will proceed with selecting the property which most suits your needs.

5 – Due Diligence

Having found your ideal home, we’ll identify any legal considerations (such as covenants or potential complications with leasehold properties), assess the seller’s position, and research sold property prices in the area. This will enable us to determine the property’s true value and formulate a watertight negotiation strategy.

6 – The Negotiation

Once we have identified the property, we will commence securing it for you. We will bid on the property on your behalf, using our extensive knowledge of the market to ensure that your offer is presented in the best possible way. With the benefit of having an experienced Negotiator in your corner, you can be certain to get the best property at the best price.

7 – Completion

When a purchase has been agreed, we will continue communication with the vendor’s agent to ensure your transaction proceeds on schedule and without unnecessary complication.


We charge a retainer fee of €500.00 to commence the property search and on completion of a successful purchase we will charge 1% of the value of the sale.

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